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Thelephone or SMS booking

Every detail is thought to make you feel at home, for this reason you can book simply with a phone call or sending an SMS to our number. We don’t ask you to leave a deposit or the number of your credit card and you can also cancel your booking at every moment.



The hotel is located in the characteristic “Via San Rufino”, which joins the “Piazza Del Comune” and the Duomo.

The hotel is formed out of an historic residence and has been restored with a special emphasis on creating a family environment.

Made up of 7 rooms, it stretches over three levels; on the third floor, there is a small viewing room with a view of other houses’ roofs.

Everything is set out in a way that allows you complete freedom and makes you feel as though you are at home.


Hotel guests have the right to enter the historic centre by car for the time required to load and unload their baggage.
The reference point is the Piazza Del Comune. Once you have parked your car, you can come towards the hotel or call one of the following numbers. We will be happy to help you.


Despite traffic restrictions, temporary stopping of cars by visitors travelling to their hotel is permitted.
After this, it will be necessary to park in the appropriate car parks.

There are three possibilities:
— paid public parking ( 350 meters), supervised (€ 10,00)
— paid private parking, (350 meters) unsupervised (€ 5,00)
free parking unsupervised in historic centre (free)
           We will be happy to accompany you and show you the way.


The simply furnished rooms have terracotta tiles, with no carpets or rugs. All rooms have a bathroom and a small shower, telephone, TV and central heating which comes through the thermostat in the room.
Maximum attention is paid to hygiene.


With regard to the room keys, you will be given a key to the entrance as well (of a different colour).
Take it with you always as it will allow you to get back into the hotel in the event that we are not there.
We also have a copy of the keys to your room available and, if you leave the hotel or return separately, please ask us for them.

If, on the day of departure, you want to leave your baggage in the hotel so that you can visit the city, you will only be given the key for the main door, so as to enable us to clean your room in preparation of the next guests.


Each room in the hotel has central heating which is controlled by the (black) thermostat near the entrance.
The ideal temperature is between 18-20 degrees centigrade.
To avoid waste, we ask you to switch it off in the morning.
The wool covers, if you require them, can be found in the upper part of the wardrobe


There are two common rooms with a TV which can be used by guests. They are located on the first floor, where there is the minibar, a Wi-Fi area and access point for the Internet, and on the third floor where there is the view.

In the latter room, we suggest you visit it because, being a little turret, it allows you to admire the view that uncovers the entire Umbrian valley and the Subasio mountain.


Breakfast is served from 8am until 10am, and includes tea, coffee, milk, bread, assorted cereal, marmalades, cheeses, salame, ricotta chease with jeam, yoghurt, fruit, eggs, fruit juice and homemade cakes.


Tea time is served from 15pm until 18pm, and includes tea, coffee, milk, biscuit, fruit juice and homemade cakes.
The kettle is available for heating water, making coffee, tea, camomile or other hot drinks. You can help yourself.


In the corridor on the first floor, with the writing “ripostiglio” you will find the hairdryers , hygiene packs, bin liners, disposable slippers, soaps and toilet paper.
Whatever the necessity, please help yourself to additional towels, we just ask you to be conscious of not being wasteful.
Towel on the ground means…… needs to be changed
Towel hanging up means……..I’m still using it
thank you


The Assisi Card is a card which is given free of charge and exclusively to the guests who stay in hotels in Assisi, and is valid for the entire period of stay. It allows discounts for the main parking spots in the city, special discounts in museum, restaurants, pizzerias, and certain shops.

On the day of departure, it is necessary to leave the room no later than 10am. If you need to, you can leave your baggage in the hotel.


  Hotel Trattoria Pallotta

Hotel: Via San Ruffino n. 6, Assisi (PG), Italy - 075 812 307
Trattoria: Vicolo della Volta Pinta n. 3, Assisi (PG) Italy - 075 812 649